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Kau`i Dalire

Halau Ka Pua Mae'ole Kuikanani

Kau`i (pronounced KAU-E) Dalire is no stranger to performing on stage and being under the spotlight. Born into a well-regarded hula dancing family from the Windward side of O’ahu, Hawai’i, Dalire’s Mother, Aloha Dalire, was the winner of the very first Miss Hula competition in the Merrie Monarch festival. In time, Dalire, as well her two sisters would follow in their Mother’s footsteps and capture the title as well, making Hawai’i history. Now, Dalire is Kumu Hula to her own schools known as Halau Ka Lihilihilehua ‘O Hopoe Kuikanani, with locations in Hawai’i, Japan (Ikebukuro, Kanagawa, Saitama and Okinawa), Mexico, Australia, Michigan, North Carolina, Las Vegas, Oklahoma, Virginia, and California.


Malia Erena Tafua of Hitia O Te Ra

Pacific Paradise Entertainment Mentor

Born into a Tahitian family that was rooted in Pateete, Tahiti and Hawaii, Malia Erena Tafua learned the heritage and culture for Tahitian from her father, Alex Tekurio.  At the age of 19, in 1969, he started to perform throughout Japan, expanding to all over the world. In 1989, Alex and his wife organized Hitia O Te Ra Polynesian Dance Troupe. Hitia O Te Ra has won numerous awards and many accomplishments. Continuing his legacy, Malia has now been directing, choreographing and teaching dancers of all ages for over 16 years.


Special Thanks

We would like to thank choreographers from various workshops we have attended: Jessy Munoz, Tahia Cambet, Leolani Gallardo, Debi Velasco, Kaili Francisco, Moena Maiotui, Mareva Bouchaux, Kaui Dalire, Kumu Hula Moanikeala Marvic McElroy, Hula Halau Moanikealaohi'alehua and Island Crew Entertainment of DFW. A big thank you to our local choreographers, Tessa and Nikitha.